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 Name five fannish opinions of yours that have changed since you entered fandom.

1. Tezuka is unlikeable and more boring than watching paint dry.

2. Shishido is an uke bitch!

3. Kagami sucks.

4. Yaguruma is smug and self-satisfied and I will root so hard for Tendou to give him his come-uppance.

4.5. Everyone in Blade looks alike :O

4.75 Saki is really fucking annoying.

5. Heroes is an awesome show!

I cheated! :P
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That? Was awesome. XDDDD

I might make a longer post later, but for now I just have to say that the world NEEDS little teeny spoiler ) fic. ¦D
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Stupid LJ decided to go down and I lost my post for the second to last episode. ~_~

Comments and screencaps )

So basically, loved Go-Onger. A lot. ♡
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...I really don't appreciate such a silly, gay episode ending like THAT. T__________T

I'm still gonna post THIS, though! )
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Saki going all "AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAN??!" on Hiroto (while he screams like a little girl) is one of the most awesome things I've seen in my entire life. :D
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...Is it me, or does Gunpei look a little too HAPPY about maid!Hanto? ¦D;
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go-on wings go-on wings

Finally got to Hiroto the Go-On Wings!

They're both cocky douchebags. I love them both already. Although to be honest, I was gonna love Hiroto no matter what, for obvious reasons...

But yeah, I tend to like asshole characters. :D/
Also, Hiroto's dry, condescending personality is a great contrast to the Go-Ongers genki yeeeeeeeey personalities.

And I'm kinda shipping Miu and Sosuke already. But then, I get the feeling I'm supposed to. :D;;;
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Watched the first two eps of Go-Onger on iPod while waiting in line at banks. My observations are:

☆ Sousuke is loud
☆ Ren is adorable
☆ Saiki's cutesy poses and "smile smile" is gonna get old REAL fast
☆ Gunpei is ridiculous. And ALL AROUND AWESOME! \:D/

Have no opinion on Go-On Green yet. Also, the ED credits are... really really special. :D;


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