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 Name five fannish opinions of yours that have changed since you entered fandom.

1. Tezuka is unlikeable and more boring than watching paint dry.

2. Shishido is an uke bitch!

3. Kagami sucks.

4. Yaguruma is smug and self-satisfied and I will root so hard for Tendou to give him his come-uppance.

4.5. Everyone in Blade looks alike :O

4.75 Saki is really fucking annoying.

5. Heroes is an awesome show!

I cheated! :P
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Sendhil says:

This is the thing that people walk up to me the most about, when are Mohinder and Sylar getting back together... I think when Zach and I get together, it just works, like the scenes spark and we are having the best time.

He also mentioned Adrian and Milo. :D

And Zach confirmed that Sylar has the Shanti virus.


And... Zach calls the Mohinder, Sylar and Maya stuff a TRIANGLE. I love this man. XD
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Tim Kring, on what's wrong with season 2

Of particular note to me is the following:

'I've seen more convincing romances on TV,'' he admits. ''In retrospect, I don't think romance is a natural fit for us.''

Tim Kring, THANK YOU for saying that, seriously. Because if there is one thing that can ruin this show for me it's for it to become all about the ships (see Lost becoming all about the stupid triangle). He that the Non-Wonder Twins weren't properly introduced. I don't really think it's about proper introductions, it's just that they suck, but I do appreciate the comment.

I also really really love and appreciate that Tim Kring is smart/humble enough to own up to the fact that they made mistakes. It's such a striking contrast to Cuse and Lindelof being so godamn condescending and basically saying if a fan has become disenchanted with Lost, it's because he or she isn't smart enough for the show.

So thank you, Kring, for proving your awesomeness again. I'm definitely sticking it out .
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Heroes is awesome again!

Damn strike! I mean, I agree with the writers, but... just when the show is getting back on track. T___T

Spoilers. David Anders-centric. )
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Getting better, I think )

Speaking of which, it would appear that all those spoilers for eps 10-11 are indeed true.

SPOILERS!!! Re: Kensei )
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☆ If this were an anime, there would be SO many Sarah pantyshots

☆ I can not WAIT for Kevin Weissman to be on this show \XD/

☆ Casey is awesome. Even when he fails epically.

☆ FedEx. Hee!

☆ Chuck/Sarah is so cute! Like kittens!

Conclusion: Please don't get cancelled, you awesome little show?

Heroes 2x04. Liveblogg-y type reactions. )
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Lots of random points )

Kensei!! )

Still Kensei, but now it's speculation )

But any way it turns out, Kensei is by far what I'm most looking forward to for the season. I sort of feeling like I'm cheating on Nathan. And Sylar. And HRG. ^^;;


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