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...I can just tell that Ruito's blog is going to be SPECIAL.
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I was going to stick more in this one, but this request got tl;dr, so I'm just going to post it now.

Top 5 things I like about Hyoutei )
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OMG, look at Gakkun! ...Anyone wanna bet that he's holding Shishido back from trying to kick Keigo's preppy ass? XD
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Via [ profile] amamiyarin...



ETA: from here:

The new OVA series is called ANOTHER STORY~ Messages from the past and future. Volume 1 comes out on May 26th, and features two stories:

Naniwa no Oujisama, first part (Seigaku visits Shitenhouji... I imagine the hijinks that will ensue will be EPIC)
Fuun Shonen Atobe (what we saw a bit of on 40.5).
☆ Also something else called, I think, A Day With Oshitari (the Hyoutei one :D), but I'm not exactly sure what that is.

Volume 2 comes out September 25, and features Naniwa no Oujisama, later part (that's the literal translation, I know it sounds weird) and... shotabait Rikkai. XDDDDD
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*flails like it's going out of style*

Season, with THE Hyoutei *_*

Oh my GOD. The expressions on their faces. KENKEN's face anytime the camera focuses on him. The ones that were mostly holding it together all professional, but then the SMILES breaking out all over their faces. Yuu-chan crying. Just, the big huge smiles.

Stupid Tenimyu. Stupid Hyoutei.
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I plan on making screencaps with more detailed comments tomorrow, but for now, I'm just going to say that I have so much love for the new A!Hyoutei guys. Obviously for Yuu-chan, who is just both adorable but with just the right amount of intensity for Ohtori, but also mad mad props to both Akishin and Yuki, because I am SO impressed with both of them.

They had very hard shoes to fill, and they did it superbly. Yes, their Keigo and Yuushi are different from Kazuki's and Takumi's, and I love them for it. They brought their own interpretation to the roles and in my opinion made them their own. After seeing them it makes me very glad that MMV is giving them their due by having them be the permanent guests in Shitenhouji (Yuki for the whole run, and Akishin for the 4A half).

Love. Just absolute both for all 3 of them. ^o^v
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Part 1 of the ShishiAto I got for [ profile] hyouteiexchange!

In a word, it's wonderful. ♡

Sadly, I have to run off to have lunch with daddy, so if anyone reads, don't spoil me on part 2 till I get a chance to read it. But LOVE. All of it is great, but Shishido and Keigo's interaction is so perfect.
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September 13 (today, in Japan) is Yuu-chan's birthday!


Aaaand... Kenken and Yuu-chan, posing with cake, on Kenken's blog... followed by Yuu-chan with his face smeared with cake, and Kenken laughing his ass off (Yuuki's blog). Tough love, baby. :D

ETA: It ocurrs to me that the last time I used sparkly capslock was for Ray's birthday a week ago. I find it rather funny that those two sides of my Kenken triangle have birthdays so close together. Yeah, I'm easily amused. :D

ETA2: ...I just noticed what's in the background of Kenken's pic. <|=D

ETA3: ....Man. Kenken's post. Aside from the sparkly kira kira post tile (☆☆YUSUKEEEEEE☆☆), Kenken goes on to say:

I'm trully happy to be your partner ♪
I'm trully happy to have met you ☆

Awwwww~ d^o^b
Are you sure you want to make it THAT easy for me, hon?
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KatoKen FTW〜☆ \^o^/

Seriously, its ridiculous, but it totally just made my morning to see Kenken and Kazuki hanging out together again. It's been ages.

ETA: Basically, Kazuki invited Kenken and Takuya to go watch fireworks with him (Kazuki talks for a bit about fireworks and the japanese summer, Kenken basically goes on for awhile about how the fireworks were pretty and sparkly and SHINNY XD). Afterwards, Takuya had stuff to do, so he left, while Kazuki and Kenken went out to eat with Kenken's mom. Kazuki talks about how Kenken and his mom are so close, and about how that time when all of Hyoutei was invited to dinner at Kenken's parents' house during Rokkaku myu.

And Kenken... well. It's just so cute. Putting aside all tinhatty silliness for a moment, you can really tell that Kenken really loves Kazuki. Just the way he talks about him and stuff. It's such an adorable friendship. :D

Anyway, A!Hyoutei is back on stage tomorrow, so Kazuki wished Kenken well at the end of his entry.
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[ profile] moonrainty posted scans of the little comic in 40.5 about little first year Keigo transferring to Hyoutei. And let me tell you, he was a ruthless little brat. And Shishido was just ridiculously adorable.

The cute, it just kills. XDD
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Hyoutei 40.5 profiles, taken from this blog

Jiroh )

Kabaji )

Ohtori )

Taki )

Oshitari )

Gakuto )

Shishido )

Piyo )

Atobe )

ETA: thank you to everyone helping out with translating ([ profile] yuki_scorpio, [ profile] anjenue, [ profile] fuhjin, [ profile] iyori, [ profile] jiroh_akutagawa, and anyone I may have missed.
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Blog posts about Hyoutei in 40.5:

Focuses on Shishido and Atobe
Focuses on Hyotei Q&A and a Konomi interview

Anyone care to take a shot? :D


From what I can tell:

→ Shishido, Gakuto, Jiroh, Ohtori, Piyo and Kabaji all graduated from Hyoutei's elemtary school division
→ Yuushi graduated from the same Osaka elementary as Kenya

→ Atobe graduated from... wait for it... King's Primary School in Great Britain. XD XD XD

I have no words for how amused I am at this. \XD/


Apparently there's something about Atobe as a first year coming in and announcing he was king of Hyoutei now. I don't know. Someone help? The first link talks about it more, but I'm not sure how much is the girl running with whatever was actually in the book and speculating about Shishido in relation to it.


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