Oh, Kazuki

Aug. 1st, 2010 07:25 pm
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Kato Kazuki smoking. Except not really.

You’re supposed to light the cigarette. 8D

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Kazuki's Shinning Road DVD is at the post office. Must stop by to pick it up after yoga. ¦Dv
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...Please to be checking out what Kazuki is wearing in the concert whose DVD will be in my hands in about a week or so. ¦D

Yes. I mean the tight lavender pants and mesh tank top. XD/

I'm going to enjoy this DVD so VERY much, I just know it. ¦DDv

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Don't feel like reposting it. So I'll just say, next time, on OreTen:

☆ Another fine performance by Kazuki:

☆ Garo's Kaoru and... Shindo FFFFF*ing Gaku ¦Dv

ETA: This made me realize it's been AGES since I saw Gaku's posts in my feeds, so I went to check and sure enough, no one's had his feed fixed here. So I sent in a ticket. :3
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Kazuki in King of the Blue

That will be all for now. ¦9

ETA: I think I'm gonna do a Kazuki picspam at h_h. Just to celebrate how awesome he is. 8D/
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KatoKen FTW〜☆ \^o^/

Seriously, its ridiculous, but it totally just made my morning to see Kenken and Kazuki hanging out together again. It's been ages.

ETA: Basically, Kazuki invited Kenken and Takuya to go watch fireworks with him (Kazuki talks for a bit about fireworks and the japanese summer, Kenken basically goes on for awhile about how the fireworks were pretty and sparkly and SHINNY XD). Afterwards, Takuya had stuff to do, so he left, while Kazuki and Kenken went out to eat with Kenken's mom. Kazuki talks about how Kenken and his mom are so close, and about how that time when all of Hyoutei was invited to dinner at Kenken's parents' house during Rokkaku myu.

And Kenken... well. It's just so cute. Putting aside all tinhatty silliness for a moment, you can really tell that Kenken really loves Kazuki. Just the way he talks about him and stuff. It's such an adorable friendship. :D

Anyway, A!Hyoutei is back on stage tomorrow, so Kazuki wished Kenken well at the end of his entry.
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So apparently in today's blog entry, among other things, Kazuki says that he was iffy about it when they asked him to come back, because he felt that the baton had been passed, so to speak, but then decided to do it because he remembered it was a lot of fun (personally I think there must have been additional factors at play, but that's speculation and has no place here).

Anyway, it's interesting, because that's pretty much the exact reason I feel so ambivalent about it. I keep thinking I SHOULD be happy, and I TRY to be, but I honestly do think that on the one hand he HAS moved past it and shouldn't go back, and on the other, the role SHOULD be fully passed on to the new Atobes.

I mean... I don't really blame him for doing it, whatever factors it was that were involved, but I do feel a lot better about not being ecstatic about it after learning he has/had reservations too.

And I also give him a lot of props for even admitting he had reservations, given how ridiculously touchy and wanky certain fan circles in Japan are. To be blunt: I hope it doesn't backfire on him, but I think it's awesome that he said it.
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Remember this? Well, it ain't over! [livejournal.com profile] dimmie, [livejournal.com profile] amamiyarin, [livejournal.com profile] muzivitch and I have spent the past 4 days perfecting the cast list. And so...

X live-action dream cast!! \:D/

Complete with cast/character charts awesomely made by [livejournal.com profile] dimmie. And covers for the OP and ED songs (they have engrishy titles and would be sung by Kato Kazuki and Tsuchiya Anna)!

☆〜 STAFF&CAST 〜☆ )


♪〜 OP&ED 〜♪ )
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このままずっと 君を見つめていたい )

Please point out any mistakes you find (I probably have the word divisions off in several places at the very least).


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