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So, there's 50 junior highers at the training camp. Here are the characters we know so far have made the cut, either because they are in the chapter, or because they are in the color pic with the uniform:

Revealed so far )

This means there are 16 players yet to be revealed.

I... really really doubt that Shishido and Ohtori are not there, both because of character popularity and because they ARE one of the best doubles pairs (and with a better record than Yuushi, Gakuto, Piyo or Kabaji). But if all the Hyoutei regulars are there... then all of Rikkai prety much HAS to be. And it then surprises me that Zaizen and Yuuji, at least are not, just because of Shitenhouji's placement (I'm taking the comment about how all of Seigaku got invited to mean all of Shitenhouji did not).

I really really hope Shishido is there. No Shishido would be a SAD day indeed for me.
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...The Hyoutei bus almost ran over Seigaku. How typically Hyoutei of it. XDDDD
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In just a few minutes, you will be leaving on a race around the world.

The race is spilt into a number of legs and as you travel, you’ll have to complete various task.

At the start of each leg of the race, you will receive a small amount of cash that has to cover all expenses, except airline tickets, which you won’t need to pay for.

At the end of each leg of the race, there is a pit stop, 8 of these pit stops are elimination points, so you need to get to them as fast as you can, because if you’re last, you will be eliminated. Everybody understand that?

Your first clue is waiting inside the envelope on top of the luggage you brought with you. When I give you the word, you can run over to your bags, read the clue and jump into one of the cars in the parking lot.

What happens after that is completely up to you.

Is everybody ready?

Alright… The world is waiting for you… Good luck… Travel safe…


The 11 teams are...

First pit stop: Taipei
Cash allowance: $90

Feel free to tell me anything you think happens on this leg. \XD/

ETA: Remember that they've been stripped of all of their own cash/credit cards/etc and electronic devices (this includes helicopters, Atobe) and only have what they can carry in their packs.

The poll will stay open until I get bored. XD

Poll is closed!

[Poll #1287577]
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Can't help thinking maybe WJ asked Konomi to hurry it up. Ah well.

Thanks for all the pr0n all the balls the series that ate the past 6 years of my fandom life, Konomi-sensei.

...We can has Atobe prequel plz? \:D/
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Entry No. 777.77777777: People that claim shit like this:

After the first ten episodes, Prince Of Tennis evolves from a sports anime into a shonen-ai story, with lot of Fanservice of the ''male'' body. (The live action stage musical version is reportedly an explicitly gay story...)

And then actually LIST IT AS BOYS LOVE.

Fact check: fanservice played up for the laughs does not equal "explicit gay story", bitches. ~_~


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Funny how once stuff like 20.5 and 40.5 comes out, it reaffirms some stuff you believe and it throws amusing little surprises at you. For instance, to go by some of the stuff in his profile, it would seem that Kura is as, um, botanically inclined as us fangirls assume Chitose is. Also? Zaizen's a bit of a geek. A cool one.

(Basically, the old Shitenhouji search site updated the Shitenhouji character profiles to include 40.5 data)

So, stuff I was able to understand/found amusing:

Kura )

Chitose )

Kenya )

Zaizen )

Oh, and Yuuji's type is "Koharu"

[ profile] redmoonmurder did Kin-chan, Yuuji and Koharu. ^_^

ETA: thanks to [ profile] athena8, [ profile] megaraptor and [ profile] amamiyarin for the translation help. :D
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And this other blog also mentions 40.5, specifically new data on Sanada (the blogger seems to be a Sanada fangirl :3), including apparently the fact that he gets up at 4 am, is part of the... um... public morals commitee (風紀委員長... she imagines that he is stands at the school gate berating people for being 3 minutes late or wearing too-short skirts), and when asked if he's been in love, he says... "Tarundoru!" (obviously).

Man. I can't wait for someone to translate this stuff.
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According to this blog, 40.5 says that Keigo is now sporting a wig that took half a day to make.

Or something. It's a wig, at any rate. :D


Also, Kirihara believes in Santa Claus, Jackal's daddy is gainfully employed, and Vanilla Ice's name is Koshikawa Kenjirou.

Anyone wanna try translating more? :D
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Sometimes, I love Konomi.

Like for instance when Genius 368 says that the top doubles pair is not the GP or Niougyuu or ToriShishi, but the criminally underappreciated and totally awesome JaBun. \XD/
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As in, Chitose's Best of Rival Players song. \XD/

No, I don't have an MP3, but I DID find a Nico Nico video with what I think is a Rajipuri clip of it. With the usual inane Nico Nico graphics, of course.

Brilliant Brain @ Nico Nico

[ profile] athena8, you know how I was talking about recognizing Chitose in the Tachikiritai song because his voice is higher than Kura's? Yeah... not so much, in this song. I give up \XD/

(Actually, I think he has a higher speaking voice but can sing lower. Like Kiuchi.)


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