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Epsiodes 13-14: I love a good magnificent bastard )

Epsiodes 15-17: Ren, mostly )

Note to [ profile] amamiyarin: I can see why you're all over Sexface/Ren. Personally, I sort of doubt I will be, at least, I won't actively ship this, but I can see why one would. I certainly think Tezuka is REALLY obsessed with Ren. :3
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I have no clue how many people (aside from [ profile] dimmie) actually read my Ryuki posts*, but in any case, I promised myself that I wasn't gonna make them all about Super Lawyer, because that's ridiculous, it's not Kamen Rider Zolda, but this episde I'm just going to indulge because it's THE episde. Up until this episode, Kitaoka was a really amusing douchebag, but that was it. This episode was my "...oooh *_*" moment, where I realize that.. well, he IS a douchebag, but he's a really INTERESTING douchebag. A douchebag that I was probably doomed to latch on to, grown up Atobe or not.

*Haha, I totally get why. I don't have a "tl;dr" tag for no reason.

Anyway. Kamen Rider Ryuki, episode 10 )

A little bit about Shinji, and Shinji and Ren )

Back to Super Lawyer \:D/ )

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So. After the rage and awe at the epic trolling of ep 31 was over, after rewatching at leisure and stopping to look up certain words, and rewatching bits that weren't clear and just having a better understanding in general of the last episode, I have to say... damn, I started to really feel for Tsukasa. It kinda really sucks to be him. D:

Spoilers and tl;dr and I think possibly I'm just a tad ridiculous and way too attached to this character )

This is not to say I didn't enjoy the last episode. I did, a lot. But I'm still sadfacing on Tsukasa's behalf.

Anyway. I think I needed to get all that out of my system before we move on to Double next weekend. :D;;

ETA: ...Is Kimi-chan saying he plans to post more photos of his figurines' adventures? And he has Shinken Red as well as Pink. XD


Jun. 20th, 2009 09:33 pm
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So I've been talking to [ profile] dimmie about Yaguruma, and we'd veered off into how Yaguruma's illusions about who he was supposed to be affect Kageyama, and my comment got so long that I'm just going to make a separate post. :D;;;

tl;dr about Kageyama )


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