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[ profile] moonrainty posted scans of the little comic in 40.5 about little first year Keigo transferring to Hyoutei. And let me tell you, he was a ruthless little brat. And Shishido was just ridiculously adorable.

The cute, it just kills. XDD
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Rikkai players that graduated from the same elementary school:

→ Jackal and Marui
→ Kirihara and Renji

The blog was wrong or I misunderstood. Kirihara, Marui and Jackal all went to the same elementary school, although Jackal transfered there from Santos Private Elementary School, which I'm guessing is in Brazil.
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Chitose's school attendance percentage record: 49.8%

Konomi's not even trying to contradict his rep. XD
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Hyoutei 40.5 profiles, taken from this blog

Jiroh )

Kabaji )

Ohtori )

Taki )

Oshitari )

Gakuto )

Shishido )

Piyo )

Atobe )

ETA: thank you to everyone helping out with translating ([ profile] yuki_scorpio, [ profile] anjenue, [ profile] fuhjin, [ profile] iyori, [ profile] jiroh_akutagawa, and anyone I may have missed.
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Blog posts about Hyoutei in 40.5:

Focuses on Shishido and Atobe
Focuses on Hyotei Q&A and a Konomi interview

Anyone care to take a shot? :D


From what I can tell:

→ Shishido, Gakuto, Jiroh, Ohtori, Piyo and Kabaji all graduated from Hyoutei's elemtary school division
→ Yuushi graduated from the same Osaka elementary as Kenya

→ Atobe graduated from... wait for it... King's Primary School in Great Britain. XD XD XD

I have no words for how amused I am at this. \XD/


Apparently there's something about Atobe as a first year coming in and announcing he was king of Hyoutei now. I don't know. Someone help? The first link talks about it more, but I'm not sure how much is the girl running with whatever was actually in the book and speculating about Shishido in relation to it.
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Funny how once stuff like 20.5 and 40.5 comes out, it reaffirms some stuff you believe and it throws amusing little surprises at you. For instance, to go by some of the stuff in his profile, it would seem that Kura is as, um, botanically inclined as us fangirls assume Chitose is. Also? Zaizen's a bit of a geek. A cool one.

(Basically, the old Shitenhouji search site updated the Shitenhouji character profiles to include 40.5 data)

So, stuff I was able to understand/found amusing:

Kura )

Chitose )

Kenya )

Zaizen )

Oh, and Yuuji's type is "Koharu"

[ profile] redmoonmurder did Kin-chan, Yuuji and Koharu. ^_^

ETA: thanks to [ profile] athena8, [ profile] megaraptor and [ profile] amamiyarin for the translation help. :D
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And this other blog also mentions 40.5, specifically new data on Sanada (the blogger seems to be a Sanada fangirl :3), including apparently the fact that he gets up at 4 am, is part of the... um... public morals commitee (風紀委員長... she imagines that he is stands at the school gate berating people for being 3 minutes late or wearing too-short skirts), and when asked if he's been in love, he says... "Tarundoru!" (obviously).

Man. I can't wait for someone to translate this stuff.
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According to this blog, 40.5 says that Keigo is now sporting a wig that took half a day to make.

Or something. It's a wig, at any rate. :D


Also, Kirihara believes in Santa Claus, Jackal's daddy is gainfully employed, and Vanilla Ice's name is Koshikawa Kenjirou.

Anyone wanna try translating more? :D


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