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That was really fucking awesome. \:D/

Spooooooooooooooilers )

In case it's not clear, Hikawa is at the top of my ichiban Rider list, right up there with the awesomely dysfunctional Yaguruma and Super Lawyer Kitaoka. And it's kind of really amusing to me that when you look at those three that are my franchise favorites... they're all extremely different from each other.

Shoichi spoiler~ )
Oh, Tsugami Shoichi... you are quite awesome. XD
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From [ profile] fannish5:

Name 5 character deaths that surprised or shocked you.

This is... actually really interesting, because very often character deaths don't exactly shock me. I mean... specially not when it's a character I like. Once, when talking about Jabi from Garo with [ profile] dimmie, she said that she could tell exactly what sort of character she was just from the fact that I liked her... right down to the fact that she'd be killed off. She's right.

Also, I read spoilers. :D;;;

So anyway, deaths that actually SHOCK me are rare. )

And well, there's other character deaths that really affected me, but somehow they weren't shocking, per se.  )

And I really don't expect X to ever be finished (and at this point I'm not sure I want CLAMP to go back to it >.>), but if it ever is... while I don't think it's inevitable that Fuuma will die, I know that there is a very very good chance that he will. Really all I'd like is for Fuuma's death to be good, when it comes down to it.

Oh, and since I still have the last episode to go... I'm going to be all sorts of sad and surprised if Hikawa dies in Agito.

Faiz movie

Mar. 3rd, 2009 10:33 pm
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☆ Well, I get why it's "Paradise Lost" :D;;;

Spoilery stuff )

☆ Lastly, it's interesting that aside from people that died at the end of the series being alive, this movie technically could TOTALLY happen in the future of the series. I mean, yes, it's AU, because of the aforementioned dead people not being dead, but the way the series ends... the premise of the movie can totally still happen. Interesting.
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Well, I think I need to put two more Faiz characters in the LOVE list, and then one on the AWESOME VILLAIN list

Kiba, Sawada and Kitazaki )

Also, I want to know what the deal is with Kusaka already. I was so sure that he was already, you know, but apparently not, so I have no idea what to think now. I mean... there HAS to be more to him.
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So, about Takumi )

ETA: Ooooooh, Kiba is onto you now, Kusaka. >D

Spoiler? )

ETA: orz )


Feb. 22nd, 2009 11:08 pm
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I don't think I could possibly love Kaidoh any more than I do right now. \¦D/

Faiz 30

Feb. 22nd, 2009 10:57 pm
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Coming between the boyfriends just when they made up. BAD. D
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...[ profile] muzivitch and I have watched almost a dozen episodes of Faiz in one day. 8Dv

We just finished ep 24. So we are halfway through.

Thoughts on the main cast )

I'm really enjoying it. I don't have the level of MAD INSANE RABU RABU for the characters like I did for Kabuto's, but... well, Kabuto's characters are hard to top. They're quite interesting though. And the story definitely seems more coherent than Kabuto's... not that's a hard thing to accomplish, but anyway. :D

I think what I'm really enjoying is that even though I've watched relatively little Kamen Rider still, between that and what [ profile] amamiyarin and [ profile] dimmie in particular have told me about the franchise, at this point I'm definitely picking up on the Kamen Rider tropes, so to speak. I suppose some people could see it as repetitive, but I think it's quite interesting to see the different spin on similar ideas and situations that different KR series have. Like, obviously, the whole question of what makes one a human being, and whether a non-human can live as a human is present in Kabuto as well, and Faiz goes much deeper into it, and it's really interesting to see both takes on it.

And I have to say I was so terribly amused to see Uchiyama show up, particularly in a role that is sort of similar to what Kageyama seemed to be when he first appeared.

Also? Takumi and Kiba are totally gay for each other. \¦D/

Ray has yet to show up, though. This makes me SAD. D:
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I just spoiled myself on what I suppose is a major plot point in Faiz, because I was looking at a cast list because I keep thinking Kaidoh's actor seems familiar (I was wrong about that).

At any rate, I spoiled myself on spoooooooiler ) But to be honest, it was more confirmation of something I already strongly suspected, because NEEDS MOAR SPOILER )

But anyway. :D;;;;

Kaidoh is cool. I like him a lot.


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