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Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade
Characters: Kaito Daiki and Onodora Yusuke, with a side of Natsumelon and Tsukasa
Rating: so very G
Summary: Daiki takes Yusuke "shopping". Yusuke's not sure shiny scarves and tight pants are for him.

"Yuuu-suke! Come on out, Yuuu-suke" Kaito Daiki called out in a sing-song, his voice slightly tinged with boredom in a way that raised red flags in Onodera Yusuke's mind. )
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Well, that was fun \:D/

Thoughts and whatnot )

Anyway, it's past my bedtime now. :D
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So I watched the crossover eps of Shinkenger and Decade these past two days... that is to say, I rewatched the Decade ones, and watched the Shinkenger ones for the first time.

The Decade ones mostly made me realize how much I miss Daiki, Yusuke, Natsumi and Tsukasa. And they made me remember just HOW much of an amusing dick Tsukasa is. Love the guy to bits. And I can finally appreciate that he was pretty much the worst kuroko in the history of EVER. XD

And Daiki! Trolling everyone! And the "Yada!", which was the moment that I started shipping him and Yusuke. This was also when I threw in the towel and realized I just can't ship Tsukasa with anyone that is not Natsumi.

On the Shinkenger side... I loved Chiaki's daddy! And really, it all explains so much about why Chiaki is how he is, and it was just all so sweet. And I love Chiaki and Mako's friendship. It's so adorable that he's adopted her as his older sister, and that she actually sighs and caves when the little brat wants to blow off the search to go chill because it's so hot. XD

And then, at the end... Mako and Takeru is so very obvious. It's like they're parents watching over their kids. XD;
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I've said it before, but I just LOVE Shinkenger for endlessly mocking Aiba. XD
BRB, loling forever. D )

Team Decade ilu )
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So. After the rage and awe at the epic trolling of ep 31 was over, after rewatching at leisure and stopping to look up certain words, and rewatching bits that weren't clear and just having a better understanding in general of the last episode, I have to say... damn, I started to really feel for Tsukasa. It kinda really sucks to be him. D:

Spoilers and tl;dr and I think possibly I'm just a tad ridiculous and way too attached to this character )

This is not to say I didn't enjoy the last episode. I did, a lot. But I'm still sadfacing on Tsukasa's behalf.

Anyway. I think I needed to get all that out of my system before we move on to Double next weekend. :D;;

ETA: ...Is Kimi-chan saying he plans to post more photos of his figurines' adventures? And he has Shinken Red as well as Pink. XD
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For those that are not aware, the awesome, crazy Inoue Masahiro has been counting down the last 24 hours before Decade's finale on his blog, by making a post each hour on the dot to revisit each of his post episode blog entries.

Yes, this does indeed mean that he intends to stay up for 24 hours straight. Because he's just THAT awesome. ¦Dv


24 hours...
23 hours...
22 hours...
21 hours...
20 hours...
19 hours...
18 hours...
17 hours...
16 hours...
15 hours...
14 hours...
13 hours...
12 hours...
11 hours...
10 hours...
9 hours...
8 hours... - Midnight in Japan, he announced he wouldn't go to sleep, and said goodnight to those that were XD
7 hours...
6 hours...
5 hours... - 3 am
4 hours...
3 hours...
2 hours... - ...did he JUSt realize he's not going to be able to post about all the eps? XD;;;
1 hour...
-1 hour...
-2 hours...
-3 hours...
-4 hours...
-5 hours... - losing some coherency there, bb?
Kamen Rider Decade Kadoya Tsukasa - and he's done for today, I assume? XD

Ma-kun, you are awesome. XDDDDDDD

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Yet more Tsukasa/Natsumi \:D/
It was the hardest one to write so far, but I hope you guys like it?

The first time he spent the night in Natsumi's room... )

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So, I've been rewatching Decade. Kuuga world was even awesomer when you know actually know the context; Kiva world bored me and I think is the world I like least, to the point where I had to make myself watch those eps instead of skipping... but Kaixa almost makes it all worth it. And today I watched Ryuuki world, which is one of my favorites, actually.

I could say a lot of things about what rewatching it at this point. I could talk about how different Tsukasa is now, about how his reasons for fighting (and doing anything, really) have changed; about how his relationships with Natsumi and Yusuke have changed too. I could talk about the plot points that were brought up and wonder whether two episodes are going to be enough to do that...

But I won't. Instead, I will say this:

Zolda and his Big Fucking Guns totally rock my world.
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Moar Tsukasa/Natsumikan, with a side of Yusuke \:D/

This is in the same continuity as the others I've written, and I guess it's a direct continuation of this one.

Spoilers for 27 again, and references something that happens in 29.

He hadn't really expected to open the door at the same time that Tsukasa snuck surreptitiously out of Natsumi's room )

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List 10 of your favorite characters from different fandoms Kamen Riders, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.
  • Super Lawyer Kitaoka (Ryuki)
  • Yaguruma (Kabuto)
  • Wagatomo KaGAAAmi (Kabuto)
  • Kenzaki (Blade)
  • Hajime (Blade)
  • Hikawa (Agito)
  • Tsukasa (Decade)
These are not necessarily in order. I don't think I COULD put them in order, actually :D

Not really part of the meme, but my thoughts on each under cut )

Decade 29

Aug. 16th, 2009 01:38 am
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I had like 40 screencaps to post, but then I decided not to and instead just post the two videos of I was the most interested in. :D
The conversation in the infirmary )
Our hero rides off into the sunset with his girl and his buddy )

And then, not videos, just screencaps of a couple more things.

Troll-chan is here to stay. Hell yes! )

That very special guest for next episode \:D/ )
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Tsukasa/Natsumi, mostly fluff, unless you look closely.
Spoilers for ep 27

Or rather, Yusuke thought, her smile flitted over him like a butterfly before settling on Tsukasa )

I hope you like, Dimmie. :D/
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I've been thinking a lot over the weekend about the whole Decade = anniversary gimmick thing, and... well, it IS true that there is just not enough time or opportunities to REALlY explore deeper themes the way Agito, Faiz or Blade do, and that overall, it does end up being a series about awesome nostalgia moments and all, but...

Thinking about Tsukasa's journey during the past month's episodes... well, I just have to say that anyone that still thinks there's NO character development in Decade is just not paying attention.

I mean, yes, it's been subtle, and so very much of it is through Ma-kun's performance that a lot of it would be lost if, say, Mizushima Hiro himself (who may be a japanese Johnny Depp, and is very pretty, but is just not that good at subtly conveying emotions... lol, don't kill me, HIro fans! I like the guy, I really do :D;;;) was the one playing Tsukasa. But just, compare the self-absorved, absolutely oblivious douchebag from the beginning (SPECIALLY from Kuuga's world) with the guy that Tsukasa has become. Yes, he's still a dick, yes, he's still arrogant and self-absorved... but he's also changed, little by little. He no longer sees other people as cardboard props or pawns to be moved around (which he totally used to). He's become invested in people, he's learned to empathize, and he's learned to care and on occassion, usually when it most counts, he's learned to put others before himself.

Yes, I'm on a MASSIVE Tsukasa love fest right now, why do you ask? :D

Decade 28

Aug. 9th, 2009 12:23 pm
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No screencaps, just 'live' comments )

List of reasons I love Tsukasa this ep )

It's not entirely unexpected, but Tsukasa has become one of my favorite riders. The funny thing is... it's not exactly for the reasons I thought he would be. :3
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Right, so. I still think Tsukasa has chemistry pretty much with everyone he meets, but let's just get this out of the way: I've had a Decade OTP for awhile now, I just hadn't, you know, come out about it. :3

The last few episodes have been really strong in the Tsukasa/Natsumi  department, but for obvious reasons, this one cemented it and blew everything else out of the water. But it's as much the subtle little things as it is the big things.

In which my tinhat SHINES )
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Oi oi.

Decade writers, you don't need to convince ME. I already threw up the white flag.

So I'll just sit here and enjoy Tsukasa being possessively protective and/or conveniently copping a feel. ¦D


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